Frequently Asked Questions


Here are a list of the most common questions that I am asked either by email, myspace or in person:

Q. How can I buy a copy of your cd

A. and click on Merchandise or buy one at a show

Q. Can I mail you a check or money order for merchandise?

A. No, not at this time. Pay Pal is fast, easy and secure

Q. Will you play bass for my band?

A. Probably not unless you are a good friend and/or I really like your music. Although if I say no, that doesn't mean you suck. I am just not into it and you would be better off finding someone that is actually a bass player. I am flattered that you considered me.

Q. Why do you hate Pat Green?

A. I don't

Q. Will you play a Cross Canadian Ragweed song?

A. No. If they start playing Chad Farris songs, I will play their songs

Q. What is your favorite place to play?

A. Earth. Although I hear Neptune is pretty cool.

Q. Do you consider yourself a part of the Red Dirt Scene

A. No, I am from Texas

Q. Do you consider yourself a Texas Music Act?

A. I am a musician and I am from Texas. That is about it

Q. Do you have a minimum amount that you must make to play somewhere?

A. The easy answer is YES. However, most things in life are negotiable.

Q. Will you play for free?

A. Yes, if the proceeds are going to help an individual that is down on their luck(illness, accident, ect). I will also play for causes that are near and dear to my heart.

Q. Can I use your PA for a gig?

A. Probably not

Q. Can I borrow your guitar/amp/ect?

A. No

Q. Who is your favorite band?

A. Led Zepelin

Q. What is your favorite Pat Green song?

A. Whatever the shortest one is

Q. When are you gonna play in Paris, TX?

A. I don't know. Sometimes you burn a few bridges along the way but you hope you can rebuild them someday.

Q. What do you think of {insert random band here}.

A. They are awesome!

Q. Can I buy you a shot?

A. No, but thanks for offering

Q. How about a beer?

A. Again, thanks but no thanks

Q. Are you too good to have a drink with me?

A. No, not in the least. I generally don't drink when I play.

Q. Can I play your guitar and sing during your break?

A. NO!

Q. If a tree falls in a forrest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

A. No

Q. If you are so Rock and Roll, why did you have a fiddle on your last cd?

A. Eric Peel is a good friend of mine and one of the best musicians I have ever met. I thought I would try something a little different.

Q. When is your new cd coming out?

A. Hopefully by Fall 2009

Q. Can I open for you?

A. Maybe

Q. Will you open for me?

A. Maybe

Q. What do you think about when someone says you suck?

A. Doesn't change anything in my life

Q. Do you have a Facebook page?

A. Yes, but it is a private and has nothing to do with music. I do not accept friend requests unless I personally know you.

Q. How much money did you make last year?

A. Not enough but I haven't missed any meals

I guess that is about it!

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